Community Guidelines


These Community Guidelines are established in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code as well as regulations promulgated by the Ohio Department of Health (Administrative Code 3701-27-28). 

The Guidelines are intended to supplement the lease agreement between Pine Lake Park and the individual resident within the community. 

Pine Lake management may make reasonable and lawful changes to the Community Guidelines, which are applicable to all residents of the community. Changes shall be effective immediately unless otherwise noted.


Park Owner and Management  


Cornerstone Apartment Communities, Ltd. (an Ohio limited-liability company) owns Pine Lake Park and is also the management company for the property. 

The mailing address for Cornerstone Apartment Communities, Ltd. is 1135 E John St – Suite J, Springfield, Ohio 45505.  Telephone: (937) 322-2700. Send E-mail to     

The park office is located at 42600 National Road – Lot 97, Belmont, Ohio 43718.  The community manager may be reached by telephone at (740) 782-1207. 

For urgent maintenance concerns please call 1 (800) 627-3681 and follow the prompts.


Resident Cooperation

It is our intention to maintain Pine Lake Park as a safe, peaceful and highly respectable community which residents will be proud to call home. We encourage all residents to establish and maintain friendly relations with neighbors and to resolve minor differences between themselves.


Residents should contact the Park office if they believe a situation exists that is a matter for management involvement. A written complaint is required (signed and dated) before action will be taken to resolve the matter. All written complaints are handled confidentially.   Residents should first report criminal matters to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Rate Increases

It is the goal of Pine Lake Park to provide an affordable home-site for manufactured homes. However, management reserves the right to increase rental fees to meet normal operating expenses and to provide a satisfactory return to our investors.



All prospective occupants over the age of eighteen are required to submit a rental application to Pine Lake management for approval before move-in. The application must list the names and ages of all persons who will occupy the home. No other person shall occupy the home without the consent of management.  Visitors may not stay longer than 2 weeks without management approval.


Residents may not assign their lease or rental agreement to another person without the consent of the management. Please note: Pine Lake Park is under no obligation to enter into a new lease agreement with a homebuyer.  Prospective homebuyers that wish to keep the home at Pine Lake Park must obtain a rental application and be approved by the management before move-in. 


Rent, Water Payments, and Fees

For the convenience of our residents, rent and water payments may be made at the Park Office or mailed to Pine Lake Accounting Department, Post Office Box 121, Washington Court House, OH  43160-0121.   Residents requiring a receipt must make their payments in person at the Park office during office hours.  We cannot accept cash payments. 


Fee Schedule

Water and Sewer Administrative
and Maintenance charge
$ 5.00  in addition to and without regard to usage 
Application fee  $25.00 
Late charge   $30.00  if paid after the 5th day of the month but on or before


the 12th day of the month.
Late charge   $60.00 if paid after the 12th day of the month.  
Returned Item   $30.00 

All rental payments are due on the first day of every month. A $30.00 late charge will apply to payments made after the fifth (5th) day and on or before the twelfth (12th) day of the month.  An additional $30 late charge will be applied to payments received after the twelfth (12th) day of the month.  Habitual failure to pay on time may be grounds for termination of lease.  A fee of $30.00 will be charged on any check returned by a bank.



 It is our goal to ensure that Pine Lake Park is a safe community for all residents.  Therefore, parents must be responsible for the actions of their children/teens at all times. Parents should ensure their children/teens are aware of the Pine Lake Community Guidelines and that they adhere to them. Misconduct or crimes against the community, its residents or property will not be tolerated. Incidents of child abuse, endangerment or neglect will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency and Child Protective Services.



Residents should notify the park management of any guest whose stay at Pine Lake Park will be longer than two weeks. Residents are responsible for their guest(s) at all times and will be held accountable for their actions.



Residents are expected to respect the rights of others.  Loud and disturbing noises are not permitted at any time. Sound equipment and musical instruments must be played at a level that will not annoy other residents and parties must be kept reasonably quiet.  Activities considered offensive to other residents, such as the use of vulgar language or playing of music in an offensive manner, are not permitted in the public areas of the park.



Open burning is prohibited within the residential area of Pine Lake Park.  An exception may be made for maintenance personnel to clear brush from the common areas of the property.  Any fires observed within 30 feet (or less) of any home should be reported to the Fire Department immediately.  DIAL 911

Illegal Activities

Engaging in any illegal activity on the premises may be cause for lease termination and/or eviction from Pine Lake Park.   Neither Pine Lake Park management nor the owners will condone, accept or tolerate the intentional misuse of public information to violate the rights of any Resident.


Those Residents who choose to incite discomfort or disharmony within the Pine Lake Community through the misuse of public information or rumors may be subject to lease termination.


Any victim or witness of a crime at Pine Lake should first call 911 or the Belmont County Sheriff's Department at 695-2212 and then call the Pine Lake Management.   


Home and Yard

Home Placement and Removal

All transporters operating within Pine Lake Park must be properly licensed and insured and be able to show proof of their credentials.


All personnel, whether installing or removing a home, shall be under the supervision of the community management.  Movers must notify the park management of the move at least 2 business days prior to the scheduled time.


In the event of a dispute, Management reserves the right to order installation/removal stopped until the dispute can be resolved.


Home Requirements

In order to maintain quality housing, management has established minimum building standards.  All homes must be inspected prior to placement at Pine Lake by a member of park management or designate.


Homes must be in sound physical condition, have vinyl-clad exterior, and shingle roof before being considered for placement at Pine Lake Park.  Homes placed before June 25, 2002 are granted exemption from the requirement of vinyl-clad exterior and shingle roof.  Homes manufactured after January 1, 1990 may be granted exemption from this rule by the park management. 


Any home that is being sold to a new purchaser must meet all local code requirements including but not limited to electrical, health, safety and building codes.  Management has the right to reject a prospective community resident based upon the manufactured home’s failure to meet such local code requirements.


Community management reserves the right to maintain community standards which regulate the quality and condition of the exterior and interior of any manufactured home within the community.  Community management has the right to reject a prospective community resident based upon the obsolescence or deterioration to the manufactured home.


Homes entering the community must have the tongue removed within 10 days after placement.  All homes, regardless of age, must be maintained in good repair, kept clean and neat in appearance with appropriate paint, doors and window treatments.  Sheets, blankets, aluminum foil, etc. may not be used as window coverings; blinds must be hung properly and kept in good repair.  Residents may only hang white or white-backed curtains or drapes in the windows.

Exterior Painting

Approved paint colors for exterior siding and trim are available in the Park Office.  Use of a color that is not on the list of approved colors is not permitted without the consent of the park management.



All homes shall be properly skirted using industry-standard skirting material within 10 days of being placed.  Metal skirting must be painted with a compatible color and all skirting must be kept neat in appearance at all times.  Galvanized metal skirting must be painted and maintained. 


Yard Maintenance

Each resident is required to maintain their yard and parking area in a neat, tidy and clean condition free from refuse and debris. All yards are to be kept mowed and trimmed. If the resident fails to properly maintain their yard, they will be given one notice to comply within 7 days.  Failure to comply will result in the Pine Lake Management contracting the yard work to an outside maintenance service at the resident’s expense. The removal of snow from the home-site (including the parking area) shall be the responsibility of the homeowner or resident. 


No indoor furniture, household goods or appliances exercise equipment, or auto parts are permitted in yards or on decks. Items such as mops, buckets, ice chests and lawn care equipment must be properly stored out of sight.



Improving the appearance of home-sites is encouraged and, if properly done, enhances the overall appearance of the community. Plants  that   pose   a   hazard   to   residents   of   Pine   Lake   Park (noxious weeds, thorny bushes or shrubs, poisonous plants or flowers) are not permitted and the management reserves the right to require their immediate removal.


Refuse Disposal

Pine Lake Park currently has curbside refuse collection service.   In accordance with Ohio Department of Health regulations, refuse may only be stored outside in containers with tight-fitting lids.  To remove an invitation to offensive wildlife, no open trash cans or bagged trash is permitted to be stored or left outside of any home.

The refuse service is reserved for the residents of Pine Lake Park only and may not be used for the disposal of material originating outside of Pine Lake Park.  Because of health and safety issues, no one is allowed to sift through or dig through refuse containers.


Open burning is prohibited within Pine Lake Park.  Contact the management for assistance in disposing of objects that are too big or not permitted by the waste management provider.


Deck Guidelines

Construction of suitable decking is encouraged. However, all deck construction requires a written Construction Agreement form to be submitted and approved by management before any construction is performed. This form may be picked up at the Park Office during normal business hours.


Basic deck construction should be of wood and all decks must be skirted. Lattice or commercial skirting materials will be permitted and must run from ground level up to the deck floor. Metal, fiberglass, and composite shingles may be used for roofing only. No other construction materials will be permitted.  All decks must be of quality construction and maintained in neat appearance and good repair at all times.


Only garden-type lawn furniture is permitted on decks. Any construction without prior approval or failure to maintain the constructed item will be cause for its removal at the Resident's expense.


Fencing Guidelines

Home-site fencing is discouraged and all fence construction requires a written Construction Agreement form to be submitted and approved by management before any construction is performed. This form may be picked up at the Park Office during normal business hours.


Storage or other Buildings

All storage construction or placement requires a written Construction Agreement form to be submitted and approved by management before any construction is performed. This form may be picked up at the Park Office during normal business hours.  Construction or placement must be in compliance with regulations established by the Ohio Department of Health.


Buildings should not be higher than 10 feet or larger than 10 foot by 12 foot. Storage sheds and buildings must be commercially constructed buildings of professional quality. Buildings must be maintained in good repair and neat in appearance at all times.


Large amounts of gasoline (greater than 5 gallons), and any flammable or combustible material, which posses a hazard to the community, may not be stored on any home-site.


Outdoor Equipment 


The following are not permitted on the premises of Pine Lake Park:


  • Trampolines
  • Swimming pools or wading pools
  • Outdoor clotheslines
  • All external fuel oil or bottled gas tanks must have prior written approval of management for location and placement.


All electric lines must be buried from meter to home and all exposed water plumbing must be properly insulated and inspected by the management by November 1.  Heat tapes are required on all water lines from the ground connection to the mobile home. Each homeowner is responsible for maintenance of the water and sewer plumbing (including the water meter) above the ground.


Residents shall be liable and responsible for all costs involved in sewer stoppages or repairs due to negligence.  This could result from attempting to dispose of disposable napkins, diapers, or rags in the drains.  Please dispose of these types of items in the refuse (trash) system.


Residents may not perform underground digging or excavation anywhere within the park.  In order to avoid striking underground utilities, Residents and homeowners must notify the management before driving any stakes or posts.  Management may also require the Resident to contact the Ohio Utilities Protection Service.



Pet Restrictions

Pine Lake Park limits each Homeowner to not more than two pets. Each pet must weigh less than 35 pounds and be properly vaccinated and licensed.  The owner must have a Pet Agreement approved and signed by the management along with a photo of the pet. Pet Agreement forms can be picked up at the Park Office during normal business hours.  Pet owners must be responsible for any and all damage caused by their pet(s).  Management may require pet owners to obtain liability insurance in an appropriate amount and to show proof of vaccination and licensure.


Wolves, coyotes, goats, pigs, or other non-domesticated or livestock animals are not permitted in Pine Lake Park.  Management reserves the right to deny any other species not listed.


All pets must be housed indoors and pet pens and/or doghouses are not permitted. No animal is to be chained out or left unattended in the yard. Pets must be leashed when taken outdoors and any excrement must be immediately picked up and properly disposed of by the pet owner.  Pets may not be relieved on any home-site other than their own (including vacant sites).


Incidents of animal abuse, endangerment or neglect will be reported to the Humane Society.


Pet Complaints

If a pet becomes a nuisance through excessive noise, behaves in a threatening manner, or causes damage or injury to any person or property, permission to keep the pet may be revoked and the resident will be responsible for paying any cost incurred by the pet. Any resident that sees any animal running loose in Pine Lake should notify Pine Lake management or call the Belmont County Animal Control at 695-4708.



For the safety and well being of all residents, the speed limit is 10 MPH in all areas of the Park. Failure to observe speed limit and or stop signs may result in termination of the lease agreement.  Parents are responsible for the actions of their dependents while operating a vehicle in Pine Lake Park and will be held liable for damages.


Vehicle Restrictions

Each household may keep up to 2 vehicles on the premises provided they are legally registered and licensed, insured, and free from excessive noise (i.e. faulty muffler). Trucks over one ton GVWR are not permitted in the residential section without prior consent from management. The operation of dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, or other non street-legal vehicles is not permitted anywhere within Pine Lake Park. 


Each Resident is responsible for notifying the management office of the vehicles they will be parking on premises. The following information must be provided: Resident's name and legal owner of the vehicle (if different from Resident), telephone number, address, and the license plate numbers of the vehicle(s) [maximum of 2].

Management reserves the right to prohibit the use of any vehicle within Pine Lake for failure to comply with posted speed limits and stop signs, habitual speeding, or reckless driving.  No unlicensed operator shall be allowed to operate a motor vehicle anywhere within the Pine Lake community. 

Vehicle Repairs

Residents may make minor automotive repairs (i.e. tunes ups, changing tires etc.) in their parking area if care is taken to protect the pavement and lawns from damage and quietly completed within 24 hours. Fluid changes (oil, etc.) are not permitted.  Excessive oil leakage or any other damage to driveways, patios or streets must be cleaned up and or repaired by the vehicle owner at the vehicle owner's expense.  Violators may be subject to prosecution and/or suit for damages (for spills, contamination, etc.).



Residents and their guests must park in their own driveways and are not permitted to park on unoccupied lots or use them for storage.  Vehicles parked in violation of this rule may be towed without warning.


Parking in a "No Parking" zone is prohibited at all times regardless of length of stay.  Vehicles, which are parked in marked "No Parking" zones, may be towed without further warning.  An exception may be made for: mail delivery by the United States Postal Service, the refuse service contractor, and our maintenance staff. 


Park management may refuse to allow anyone (including residents) to park on the premises if they violate Pine Lake Community Guidelines, the lease agreement or park a vehicle, which is in such condition that it is unsightly, inoperable, or leaks fluids.  A clean-up charge may also be assessed. 

Management may identify violations of the parking regulations with a warning sticker. Vehicles that are not moved in accordance with the warning will be either immobilized and/or towed.


Parking on the street or on the lawn (grass) is prohibited throughout Pine Lake Park. Vehicles parked in violation of this regulation may be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.  Violators may also have their lease terminated for repeated (more than one incident of) non-compliance.


No disabled vehicles may be parked on the property for more than 10 days and the parking of boats, motor-homes, RV's etc. is authorized only if approved by management.


Non-residents who fail to comply with these Guidelines may be prohibited from entering upon the property and may face trespassing charges.



Enforcement of the Pine Lake Community Guidelines shall be in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code as it pertains to manufactured home parks.


If a resident commits a material violation of the rules of the manufactured home park, of the public health council, or of applicable state and local health and safety codes, the community management may deliver a written notification of the violation to the resident.  If a second material violation of any park or public health council rule, or any health and safety code, occurs within six months after the date of the notice, the community management may terminate the rental agreement immediately.


Additionally, violation of vehicle rules may result in towing and impoundment of the offending vehicle.

Special Note
: By entering into a lease agreement with Pine Lake Park, you are stating that you have read and understand these regulations and will adhere to the same.

 Updated April 6, 2012